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katrina there were people talking about oh i was in new orleans once. i was just at the airport. everybody has to somehow put themselves in there even though there is far worse things happening to people at the time. >> they had a study in the new york times about whether twitterers were nare saw cystic. they were twittering every time they go to starbucks. they should be imprisoned or given the death penalty. >> atom shalou does that. >> he just wanted people to read his tweets. so he claimed to have inside information. or if he was just wrong. if you were just wrong why would you apologize. >> it is weird. >> it is a weird thing. i don't know if it is yelling fire in a theater. >> it is like a perfect storm, greg. greg and i love cliches. >> bill, the only reason you still have a job is nobody reads your tweets. you must sympathize with the guy. >> i don't read him anymore. here is why it is not like yelling it you don't put, all caps, fire. you are yelling with the caps. >> i am somewhere in between that and gavin in the sense that say are you in your house and somebody tweets something
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)